Co-operation & Co-existence

Co-operation is sharing the same reality as another.

Co-existence is sharing a life of differing realities with another.

Wanting someone to co-operate is wanting someone to share our reality when their reality is different.

When we have a different perspective of reality, we cannot share our reality and therefore co-operation is not possible.

Different realities co-exist in the same time and space, because we all have different perspectives. We all have choice and make different choices based on our perspective.

If we all had the same perspective, we would all make the same choice, which equates to having no choice.

Earth is a contextual field where all possibilities exist and all possibilities co-exist to allow all possible choices to exist.

We can choose co-existence or we can choose co-operation but we cannot choose for others to co-operate with us, because we cannot choose for others.

Choosing another’s reality is not a reality. It is a projection of our reality onto another.

Followers believe that they co-operate with their leader and share the leader’s reality. In reality, a follower adopts the leader’s reality as their own and foresakes their choice for the choices that their leader makes for them.

Followers co-exist with other followers who have chosen not to create their own reality but to follow the path of their chosen leader instead. Followers are always humble to the arrogance of their leadership.

True co-operation has no followers or leaders. It is when two or more partners follow their own lead in mutual co-operation.

Mutual co-operation requires both partners to create the same reality by making the same choices based on their similar perspective of life. They both lead and follow the true path of their lives together.