"Yin & Yang"

Yin & Yang are used to describe how seemingly opposing forces are connected.

Yin is the shady place or north slope.

Yang literally translates as the sunny place or south slope.

As the sun moves across the sky, yin and yang change places with each other.

Yin & Yang are an expression of our Dualistic World and our Life’s apparent paradoxes and dual realities.

Yin & Yang is the Chinese version of Duality.

The shade and the sunny place are a metaphor for light & dark that has become synonymous with good and evil, right & wrong, and positive & negative, which are examples of the polarity or opposing directions of energy.

Yin & Yang is also synonymous with the duality of opposing male and female genders of energy that are either hard & soft, warm & cool, hot & cold, introvert & extrovert, or passive & active  in intensity.

Yin is seen as the female aspects of Life, which include: Humility; Kindness; Abstinence; Passion; Humbleness; Patience & Diligence. These are often seen as virtues.

Yang is seen as the male aspects of Life, which include: Pride; Envy; Gluttony; Lust; Greed; Arrogance & Sloth. These are often seen as sins.

The purpose of Life is to balance all aspects of Yin & Yang and become a “Virtuous Sinner”.

To overcome Duality, we are required to find the 3rd Way.