Who Being Familiar Is!

Being Familiar is who I am being when I am relating to my family.

My family are the people who are familiar to me.

They are my relations, who relate to me in a familiar way.

My relations relate to each other relative to the traditions of the family.

Traditions are familiar ways that families relate to each other.

Traditional ways are familiar to all families.

Being familiar is an attribute that I attain.

My family teach me the familiarity of not being unfamiliar with being too familiar with strangers.

Strangers may have unfamiliar ways that are not traditional with the family.

Treating non-family members as familiar can be seen by the family as being too familiar.

I regard my children & grandchildren as my family.

Being familiar is who I am being when I stop being a parent to them.

Parent & grandparent are roles that I play as the family’s dependent provider & protector.

Being familiar with the role of protector & provider is the role of a parent & grandparent.

Being a grandad, I am no longer being familiar with the role of protector & provider.

The role of Family Elder allows me to be familiar, in relationship to my family, in an inter-dependent way.

The role of Family Coach allows me to be familiar in an inter-developmental way.

My choice is to be neither dependent nor independent in relationship to the members of my family, with who I am being familiar.