What The X Factor Is!

The X Factor is the Essence of the Soul.

Essence is a factor of the Soul.

X denotes an unknown factor.

In the modern western world, the Soul is an unknown factor.

My Soul is my Spiritual Entity.

When defining my Spiritual Entity; power, authority & ability are all a factor.

Body, Mind & Emotion are also a factor.

The X factor is the experience of feeling emotional power.

The Y factor is the recognition of knowing rational, mental authority.

The Z factor is the achievement of seeing conscious, physical ability.

Who I am Being determines the quality of my emotional power & the quantity of my X Factor.

Divine states of being emanate a powerful aura.

The X Factor is an expression of the divinity or purity of the energy vibration of my Aura.

The ability to conduct or channel the authorised power of my Soul, is my X Factor.

The X Factor is not my physical presence but my energetic presence when I am physically present.

My X Factor is present when I represent the presence of my Soul in each present moment.

Musicians & Singers who express their Soul Connection have the X Factor, which is their powerful spiritual presence through their emotional expression, rather than the quality of their music.

The X Factor is relative to the emotional wavelengths of energy on which the frequency of words & thoughts are transmitted.

Thoughts & words have a Y Factor, it is the emotional power that conveys the X Factor.

When the X, Y & Z factors are in harmony, we experience the WOW Factor!