What Refuse Is!

Refuse is that which is unwanted.

That which is unwanted is refused.

That which is refused is refuse.

Refuse is unwanted waste.

Whatever is unwanted is not needed.

Whatever is not needed is wasted.

Whatever goes to waste is refuse.

Refuse is whatever I refuse to accept.

When I refuse to accept whatever is provided, it is wasted.

The Lord giveth & the Lord taketh away.

The Universe provides & the Universe collects.

The Law of Attraction always balances the books.

Whatever I want is an asset and whatever I refuse is a liability.

I am liable to collect assets & dispose of liabilities myself.

My Soul makes no judgment between liabilities & assets, it just makes provision.

An expansive universe disposes of what is not appreciated.

Ingratitude is my statement of not wanting.

Not wanting is a statement of refusal.

My ingratitude is both the cause & the effect of my disapproval, my refusal & my non-acceptance.

Whatever I do not resonate in harmony with, I do not have the power to maintain in my reality and it is collected by a universal disposal system.

It may be dumped, wasted by decay or appear to be lost or stolen.

The universe makes no distinction between what is wasted & what is wanted, only between what is held in gratitude & appreciation and what is not.

Whatever I believe that I do not want or need and is not held in gratitude or appreciation, is surplus to requirements and refuse.