What Fire Is!

Fire is the effect of matter no longer being able to hold its heat.

Matter releases its heat when it is no longer able to resist energetic flow.

This point of least resistance is called the flash point of matter.

The flash point determines the release of a matter’s resistance to flow.

Fire is the specific heat of matter being released.

When the specific heat of matter is released, matter loses its stability.

Stability is the ability of matter to be still & silent.

Matter is still & silent when its energy torus is effortlessly flowing.

As matter holds more heat, the energetic flow through its torus dilutes.

At the flash point, the energy torus can no longer hold its form & can no longer function.

Fire is the destruction of the energy torus that defines matter.

Matter remains stable & inert as long as its energy flows freely.

The greater the restriction to energetic flow, the more unstable matter becomes.

Matter is the ability of energy to maintain a toroidal structure, within the aether of energetic flow.

When matter is forced to release its stable toroidal structure, it causes the eventuality of fire.

Fire is toroidal dark matter returning to the flow of light energy called the aether.

The intensity of the transformation can be discerned by the colour frequency of the flame.

The intensity of fire glows as heat, in every colour of the rainbow.