Well-being is not a condition.

Well-being is being well, which is a state of Being.

In our state of Being well, we are without conditions to the contrary.

Well-being is an emotional state of Being, as is Happiness.

When we place conditions on our Well-being, it depreciates in value.

Well-being is the value of our self-worth.

We are either being worthy of who we really are, or we are not.

Not being well is the result of the conditions that we have created in our Life.

Our Well-being is not conditional.

We have been given the potential for unconditional Well-being. We just have to be well unconditionally.

When we put conditions on our Well-being, we experience being un-well, ill and dis-eased.

4 thoughts on “Well-Being

  1. attractionannie

    Hi Keith,

    So are you saying that by living in 100% acceptance , by loving whatever is, then we will be in a state of well being at all times?


  2. theinnercoach

    Hi Annie,
    When we are 100% approving of who we are, we experience Well-Being.
    This is distinct from accepting what occurs in our life (including what others do),and allowing what we have asked for to manifest.
    The degree to which we are accepting and allowing will test our approval and therefore our sense of Well-Being.
    It is our sense of who we are Being (How Well?) in relationship to whatever is, that allows us to Love whatever is.

    Keith. x

  3. attractionannie

    Thanks Keith,

    If someone disapproves of the things that they are doing, and thus being, is the path to choose to become something that they do approve of, or to learn to accept their disapproval?


  4. theinnercoach

    Hi Annie,

    Great Question!
    Disapproving of what we are doing is either tolerating or being intolerant.
    When we choose to be neither tolerant nor intolerant, we can move to accepting whatever turns up because we know that it is an opportunity for growth that we are being presented with.
    We are not what we do. This is our character that relates to the role that we are playing, which is always a drama.
    Gaining someone else’s approval is what we do sub-consciously when ‘we’ do not approve of who we are Being.
    When we approve of who we are being, by consciously knowing and choosing who we are, we no longer need approval, because we have it (self-approval).
    Our Soul is unconditionally approving of our Self.
    It is our Self that is disapproving of our Self, usually because of a fear or limiting belief that is creating a drama, that is creating the character that we are playing.
    We seek approval from others by changing our character for a better one, but this is not who we really are.
    By accepting what turns up, we then have the opportunity to look at (re-spect) who we are being, relative to what has turned up in our reality, and change it for a better version of who we are.
    When we choose a better version of who we are we get better and experience Well-Being (Being Well or Better).

    Keith x

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