Wanting & Choosing

Wanting is a belief that something is good for us. Not wanting is a belief that something is bad for us. We can want or not want something we have and something we do not have.

Wanting something we already have is ownership. Wanting something we do not have is desire. Desiring ownership is wanting to possess something which we may see as either good or bad.

Choosing is attracting something to us by the action of our thoughts. We discern our path of travel and direct our journey in life as we move towards the subject of our thoughts.

The object of our thoughts becomes the subject of our experience. We choose, or are subjected to, the experiences that we attract by our thoughts.

Whatever we focus our thoughts on becomes our choice of experience, whether it is positive or negative, good or bad, wanted or not.

When we don’t give something another thought, it leaves our sphere of experience, as we no longer attract it.

Thoughts of being, doing or having, eventually become our experience and become our choices. It is the act of thinking that makes us at choice.

Choice does not discern between right and wrong, that is wanting and not wanting. Wanting and choosing are not the same thing.

Similarly, not wanting is not the same as not choosing. There is no such thing as no choice – we all have choice, whether we choose it or not.

When we say: “I have no choice” we mean that we will get something whether we want it or not. Whereas we always get the subject of our thoughts, whether we want it or not, this doesn’t mean we have no choice. It means we have not chosen consciously with awareness of the Law of Attraction.

Having no choice is a belief created by our belief that we do not create our own reality. When we believe that we do not create our own reality then that becomes our reality, and we choose what others create for us, whether we want it or not – and that is our fate.