The Value of Self-Worth

The secret to attracting money is the value of our self-worth.

When money is a measure of our self-worth, then we become a slave to money and we are driven to work for money as its slave.

When who we are is a measure of our self-worth, then money becomes a slave to the mastery of our wealth of being in a state of Wellness. Money is then a reflection of our value and worth as a human Being, and not the value and worth of what we Do as a human being.

We attract money in direct proportion to how much we value our Self – our Self-Worth.

Our traditional societal programming engenders the belief that money or riches are accumulated through status, knowledge and power.

The Upper Classes have always understood the need for a good education in order to maintain their power, status and wealth. A good education includes the absence of limiting beliefs with regards to money.

Money is attracted to the true power of who we are, not our position or status in society. What makes us attractive is the power to be our Self, not our power over other people.

The traditional Upper Classes learned how to use common people to make their money for them, by exercising their position, power and knowledge in society.

Making money never made anyone attractive. It can make you rich but not wealthy.

Truly wealthy people are energetically attractive and money flows to them because of their state of Being, and not what they do or who and what they know.

We can be rich and unhappy but we cannot be wealthy and be unhappy. Our energy is too attractive to be either unhappy or poor once we become Wealthy with Self-Worth.

Self-Worth is how much we value who we are Being. Our state of Being is not our status in society, or what we do for a living based on what we know.

Our self-worth is de-valued by any limiting beliefs that we hold about our Self and about attracting money to our self. Once we know how attractive we are – money just flows into our life effortlessly without resistance.

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