The Tree of Life

The tree is synonymous with development and growth.

Our management tree determines our status, position and path of growth in our business or organisation.

Our family tree is our ancestral line and determines our personal development and fate.

They are both related to the Tree of Knowledge of good & evil.

The knowledge of what is good or evil is passed down our ancestral line and is programmed in us from birth.

Our breeding decides our status in society and our future position in the business world.

How we are bred or programmed sub-consciously from birth, determines our personality and character. It is the foundation of our belief system and drives the dramas of our emotional needs.

The knowledge of what is considered to be sinful or virtuous drives the battle between the forces of light and darkness that determine the quality of our life or death.

The Tree of Life is our Destiny.

The Tree of Life is synonymous with our personal spiritual development and growth, once we have redeemed our True Identity, and overcome the battle of good and evil outlined in the Tree of Knowledge.