The Substance Of Energy

A Substance is usually deemed, to have a density. Density is deemed to be a relative matter of physical weight & volume.

The density of matter appears to give it substance, which is specifically relative to its gravitational attraction. The more substance it has, the more attractive it is and the more gravitas that it has.

Substance appears to be a physical characteristic, which is not surprising when we experience substance with our five physical senses. Whatever I appear to physically sense gives it substance and the more it appears to my physical senses, the more substance it appears to have.

The question is: If I cannot see it, hear it, smell it, taste it or touch it, does it have substance?

Can I sense substance as being other than physical and does non-physical substance exist?

Physical substance is called matter, therefore non-physical substance is an energy, so is energy a substance & does energy have substance?

Is there a substantial amount or volume of energy that has weight?

Is there a magnitude of energy that has a potential force?

As we cannot sense energy with our physical senses, we can only know the answers to these questions with our spiritual or intuitive senses.

Our three intuitive senses of knowing, feeling & seeing are the way we spiritually sense non-physical substance.

Matters of intuitive feeling are emotional, not physical.

Can I substantiate my emotional feelings with my intuition?

An emotional feeling becomes substantial as I express it. When I suppress my emotional feelings, they appear to have no substance. When I believe that there is no substance in emotional feelings, I automatically suppress them. You could say that when I suppress my emotions, I do not substantiate my feelings.

When I believe only the experience of a physical reality, emotional feelings have no substance. When I awaken to the awareness of my spirit or energy, through my sense of intuition, my emotional feelings become relatively substantial & potent.

How much substance I apply to my emotional feelings is relative to the intensity of their vibration.

The potential of my emotional state of being is realised when I attribute substance to it. This allows the emotional experience to be quite substantial. The only substance that an emotional state of Being has, is the substance that I personally attribute to it in physical reality.

Whatever I realise through physical experience has substance, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature.

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