The Sub-conscious & the Unconscious

The Unconscious holds our Truth, whereas the Sub-conscious holds our truths or beliefs. Our Conscious Mind determines our personal truth based on our beliefs and this becomes our reality.

The Unconscious resides in the Realm of the Absolute, where only Absolute Truth exists. The sub-conscious resides in the realm of the relative, where everything is either conscious or sub-conscious and is seen to be either a truth or an untruth.

Relative truth is either subjective, a truth that we have personally experienced as real, or objective, another’s experience that we share or they have shared with us.

Absolute Truth is Adjective, which is the Truth of who we are Being or who we really are.

To use the analogy of a computer: Our physical body is our ‘hardware’ and is a reflection of our physical reality. Our mental and emotional states of being are a result of the ‘software programmes’ that we are running on our hardware. Regular programmes are believed to be the truth and anything that is not within our mental and emotional programming is thought to be untrue or false.

Our Truth resides within our ‘Operating System’. If we are alive our ‘system’ is ‘operating’, although unless we are awakened, we will not be aware of it.

How well our operating system functions depends on the quality of our hardware – our health; the quotient of our mental beliefs – our wisdom; and the magnitude of our emotional needs – our wealth.

Our sub-conscious programmes run our conscious reality on our unconscious operating system.

Who designed the operating system is ‘the mystery’!