The Story of Easter

With the “eyes to see”, we no longer need to listen to the parable of Easter.

Easter represents the Crucifixion; the Resurrection; and the Ascension.

The Crucifixion or death on the cross symbolises our death to spirit in the relative dual reality world of physical existence.

The Resurrection or rising from the dead is our awakening to spirit in Life. We resurrect from the dead when we awaken to our spiritual existence whilst still alive in physical form.

The Ascension is our elevation into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth or our ability to live a Divine Life in this physical world.

Jesus said “You too can be like me”.

We can all be the Overcomer that overcomes the duality of earthly existence and survives the cross of their fate to discover their destiny and survive their own personal crucifixion. Jesus didn’t die on the cross, he resurrected and ascended.

We can all be the Redeemer who remembers their spiritual inheritance and resurrects their true vision in Life by awakening to the Spiritual Path of their Soul as Jesus did.

We can all be the Saviour who creates their own personal reality of Heaven on Earth by bringing the Spirit of Heaven to Earth just as jesus did.

Easter eggs represent the birth of a new beginning not the death of a famous historical person.