The Spirit of Religiosity

The Spirit of Religiosity needs to be right.

It is the belief that being righteous means worshipping the right god.

It believes that there is only one true god and that all other gods are false.

The Spirit of Religiosity traps its followers in the duality of right & wrong, good & evil, and light & darkness.

It is created by the fear of worshipping the wrong god, being a sinner and being punished.

It believes that the wrong god is satan or the devil.

The need to be right will drive us to experience all aspects of life that we consider to be wrong because by the Law of Attraction – like is drawn unto itself.

Right & wrong are just different polarities of the same energy.

The more we try and do the right thing, the more we will attract the wrong thing.

The Spirit of Religiosity is concerned that the word of god is interpretted correctly, so that life is moral and just.

It presumes that god has written our moral laws for us and sits in judgment over us to ensure justice.

The Spirit of Religiosity is lost, confused and gets very frustrated because it believes that there is only one reality for everyone and it is chosen by god.

The Spirit of Spirituality knows that we all have choice and we each create our own reality, through our  unique thoughts, exclusive words and individual actions. It knows that there is just One God but the potential for 6 billion different perspectives of God by Man.