The Seven Abilities

The Redeemer is the One who redeems our connection to the genius of our intuitive imagination, in the knowing that life just is whatever we create it to be.

The Teacher is the One who reminds us of our true inheritance and choice. Our inner teacher allows us to learn our true nature and make our conscious choices as to who we have chosen to be.

The Overcomer is the One who enlightens our path of sufficiency, contentment and enough. There are no obstacles, limitations or scarcity on the right path, once we overcome the trials and tribulations of the left path and recover our destiny from our fate.

The Comforter is the One who empowers our journey with beauty and joy and restores our power. Our travels through the darkness of fear deplete our resources until the comforter reconnects us to our true source of power, which is the Way of Love.

The Healer is the One who repairs the damage and dis-ease that we incur when following our fate. Well-ness is our ability to equalise the forces of relative duality,  passing through the eye of a needle whilst walking a tight rope of inspiration on the straight and narrow path that is the journey of our detiny.

The Messiah is the One who reveals the paths that others are walking as a direct reflection of who we ourselves are being. Through the revelations of who others are being we see the reflection of our own shadow self.

The Saviour is the One who remembers who they are and why they are here. The saviour remembers that they are not here to save others but to save them self from the fate of dual reality life and death. The whole world will be saved when each Soul saves its Self for a better Life.