The Quality of Togetherness

The quality of Togetherness is the quality of the energy generated within a partnership. This is a measure of the equality of the partnership.

The equality of a partnership is a reflection of the energetic states of being of both partners.

When both partners share the same quality of energy and are in the same divine state of being, they share equality together and they share togetherness equally.

Equal partners share the state of being Accepting of what the other partner does, unconditionally.

Equal partners share the state of being Allowing of what the other partner has, unconditionally.

Equal partners share the state of being Approving of who the other partner is being, unconditionally.

By the Law of Attraction – Like is drawn unto itself. Therefore states of being unequal will create conditions within the partnership that will divide and separate it.

The conditions that divide and separate a partnership are always the state of being unaccepting, being disapproving or refusing to allow what the partner wants to be, do or have.

Separateness is not right or wrong, it is just not the quality or equality of Togetherness.

The degree of separation is determined by the amount of distance between the opposing perspectives within a partnership.

The greater the conditionality of the individual perspectives, the greater the distance of separation and the lower the quality of Togetherness.