The Power of Attraction

The potential ability of the Ego Self to Attract what it wants is equal to the magnitude of its power, which is relative to its force of authority to choose.

Our Soul has the omnipotent power to choose, it has Sovereignty over our Self, yet it has delegated the ability to choose to its Self.

The Self’s ability to choose is dependent on it having both power and authority.

The Self can only connect to the Soul’s Power when it connects to the Soul’s Authority, which is the Soul’s Choice.

When the Ego Self chooses other than what is its Soul’s choice, it loses its power of attraction.

In the absence of its power to attract what it chooses, the Ego Self will have to use will power to obtain what it wants.

Will power takes a lot of effort, hard work, and a lot of time and although it can be productive, it is not creative.

Creating, manifesting and realising something entirely new, exclusive and unique requires both the power and the authority of our Soul.

Inspiration, Invention and Innovation require the Power of Attraction, will power will not suffice.

Our Power of Attraction is relative to how ‘Energetically Attractive’ we are.

Our energetic power of attraction requires the attainment of divine attributes that allow us to do what we Truly Value.

Our Self-worth and personal ‘Value’, which is a measure of our emotional state of being, determines the potential of our Power of Attraction.

This is why we are required to be the energy vibrational equivalent of that which we seek to attract into our Life.

Unless we are the vibrational equivalent of our choice, we have neither the authority nor the Power of Attraction.