The Paradox of Choice

When we choose another as our partner, we choose for them and deprive them of their choice.

By the Law of Attraction, when we deprive another of their choice, we will be deprived of our choice.

We do unto others that which we would have them do unto us, because what we sow, we shall reap.

What we do unto others will be done unto us.

When we choose for another what they choose for themself, we allow them their own authority to be at choice.

When we give others the authority to choose, we regain our own authority to choose.

So, how can we choose a partner, and our partner choose us, without depriving each other of our own authority?

We each allow our Soul to choose and approve and accept our Soul’s choice.

When both partners choose their Soul’s choice the partnership is authorised and therefore empowered with Love.

When a partnership is empowered with Love, then both partners are in Love.