The Need for Space

Space is a metaphor for emotional energy.

The source of my emotional energy is the ‘gap’ in Space.

Energy exists in the gap or space between matter.

In the gap, I am divinely connected to my emotional energy and I have no need for space, because I have all the space I need.

Disconnected from my divine source of emotional energy, I am not in the gap, I am grounded in matter, and I will need space to connect to my power.

The reason for my distraction and disconnection is usually other people.

When I need other people for my emotional energy supply, they are necessary, and I am attached to them emotionally.

When other people are not supplying the emotional energy that I need, I will need space between my self and others, and I will need to detach from them.

When I no longer need them, I am no longer attached to them.

I create space or a gap between my Self and others to limit my energy drain and to contain my emotional power. As an Aloof, I will retreat to my ‘cave’.

The space or gap between my Self and others is not the Divine Gap of Space.

My disconnection from others and my non-attachment to others is necessary for my connection to my True Source of Power, which is my Soul.

My Soul resides in the Gap of Space and meditation is my ‘space craft’.