The Need for Approval

Our need for approval will attach us to the authority of another because they give us their power in exchange for our obedience to their authority.

When we follow the path of another, we will eventually disapprove of their authority as a reflection of their disapproval when we do not do as they expect.

Disapproval of others will manifest as intolerance of their actions and result in the imposition of a boundary on their behaviour, lest we become incapacitated by their disobedience to our desires.

What we desire or want is what we consider right for us and therefore what we approve of. We impose our right on another because of our need for approval, which manifests as our need to be right. When we are seen as wrong, we are at risk of disapproval, which creates the need for approval.

Children with a need for approval become parents with a need to be right, who demand obedience from their children and create in them a need for approval. So the circle of inheritance proceeds.

 The transition of a teenager from needing approval to needing to be right is seen by the parents as a period of rebellion against their authority, approval and right thinking.

We will continually seek the approval of others that we are right until we learn to unconditionally allow what others have, accept what others do and approve of who others are being.

Only then will we approve of who we are being, allow what we desire to manifest and accept what ever occurs in our life as perfect.