The Intensity of Life

The Intensity of Life is created by our choice of gender and polarity.

Love is divided by gender, Light is divided by polarity, and the Intensity of Life is the effect that is caused by the duality.

Life is created from the experiences of the past and the possibilities of the future.

Experiencing different possibilities is only attainable with the distinction of gender and polarity that creates intensity. Intensity is difference.

Without gender and polarity there can be no differing intensity to life only perfect balance and harmony.

In Absolute Reality there is no distinction in Life as everything is one and the same – Oneness.

The creation of gender and polarity creates choice and intensity of choice – how much we want it and choose it.

Absolute Love & Light is Divinity and Oneness where choice is not a possibility. The division of Divinity, by polarity and gender, allows the creation of all possibilities of intensity.

Intensity is the complete range of all possibilities in Life.

We are “In – tense” when we are in the present tense, balanced between the past tense and the future tense.

The past tense is “I have” and is an experience.

The future tense is “I will” and is a possibility.

The present tense is “I am” and is a state of Being.

The Intensity of Life is determined by our State of Being in each present moment of ‘now’.

To change our future and choose a new possibility, we are required to change the gender and polarity of our consciousness in the present moment.

The Intensity of Life is the ‘momentum’ of our reality. It is determined by the speed and direction of our Life’s Journey.

We can change the Intensity of our Life by becoming present in that moment and changing the gender of our perception and the polarity of our perspective.

The wavelength of our gender determines our power.

The frequency of our polarity determines our authority.

With power and authority we have the ability to change the Intensity of our Life.