The Eyes to See

We require sight to see the physical world as a representation of our reality.

We require the vision of our imagination to see the world that is not yet real.

A world that is not yet real is currently in the formation of being created.

Everything that is currently in our reality was once conceived in someone’s imagination.

Our Universe is expansive, developing and growing because we have the choice to change it and create it anew.

When we contain our vision and imagination, we limit our potential for change and for expansive growth.

When we stop choosing something different, our world slows down and becomes contractive. We accept the existing contract as the status quo and choose only to keep what we already have.

When we only want what we already have, we need no vision or imagination with which to change our present reality in the future.

We already have vision and imagination as our potential. The question is not whether we have it but whether we choose to use it.

Seeing with our imagination is the key to changing our future and realising our potential. When we open our imaginary eyes, we see beyond our physical limits to the outer reaches of infinity.