"The End of My Tether"

When I reach the “end of my tether”, I have fully explored the limits of one aspect of a duality in this relative world.

In this relative dual reality world, everything has an opposite. Anything without an opposite is absolutely divine.

Whatever side of an opposing duality that we are experiencing, it will have a definite limit, because relativity is not infinite.

We find the limit to our dual reality existence when our power and authority runs out and we reach the end of our tether.

When I run out of power, I react with anger.

When I run out of authority, I react with intolerance.

When I run out of ability, I react with frustration.

Anger, intolerance and frustration all lie at the end of my tether.

When I connect to my power and authority, there is no tether, and I am free to experience my infinite potential for creative ability.