The Awakened Soul

The Awakened Soul is a three part Being of Absolute Reality.

This three part reality or triality consists of the power of the heart, the authority of the soul and the ability of the ego.

The Awakened Soul is a Man (Soul in physical form) that is consciously-aware of their power, authority and ability to create their own reality.

Unawakened Man is conscious of their physical form yet unaware of their spiritual essence.

Unawakened Man is a two part Being living in relative dual reality consisting of their conscious ego mind and their sub-conscious id.

Unawakened Man has no awareness of the power of their heart, the authority of their soul or the ability of their spiritual ego.

Without conscious control, Unawakened Man is at the mercy of the sub-conscious id that drives its physical and emotional needs, according to the limiting beliefs that it holds in its experience.

Driven by fears and false beliefs to meet emotional needs creates the dramas in our life that become our fate or our fortune.

The physical ego (sense of self) is our state of being conscious of the physical world.

The Spiritual Ego (Essence of Self) is our awareness of our emotional state of Beingness that creates either our power (Love) or our lack of power (emotional need) and our authority to use that power, which is our faith (Light) or lack of faith (limiting beliefs).

The Awakened Soul is the State of Being Super-consciously aware of the power of the heart and the authority of the soul, together with the combined ability of the sub-conscious id and the conscious ego.