The "Adjective" Truth

My truth is the truth of my ego self and is determined by my subjective beliefs.

Your truth is the truth of your ego self as determined by your objective beliefs.

My Soul’s Truth is the adjective truth and is determined through my state of Being.

When my state of Being is Divine, it is aligned with my Soul and is my Adjective Truth.

When my state of Being is a divided aspect of Pure Love, is impure, I am not in alignement with my Soul and I am following my subjective truth.

My subjective truth is my collection of sub-conscious beliefs, that create my emotional needs, that determine my emotional state of Being.

The more in need of emotional energy that I am, the more emotional need that I have and the further out of alignment that I am from my Adjective Soul. 

The more limiting the beliefs that make up my subjective truth, the futher out of alignment that I am from my Soul, the greater the magnitude of my emotional need, and the more depleted is my emotional power.

The magnitude of our Emotional Power is relative to the purity of our Adjective Truth.