Temporal, Secular, & Genuine

Temporal means of this time. A temporal view is seeing the world in the context of this age or time, without the capacity to know the world in each moment of time. It is without the revelations of what we can have in life. It accepts how things are done now.

Secular means of this world, place or space. A secular view is seeing a perspective of the world from one’s own physical and material vantage point, instead of perceiving a world view that is a bigger comprehensive picture of our spiritual existence in this world. It is without the inspiration of who we really are. It accepts how things are done here.

Genuine means of this reality. A genuine view is seeing the world as it appears to be through our physical eyes, instead of the genius of seeing what we can do when we see life through our spiritual eyes. It is without the imagination of what we can really do. It accepts that only one reality exists.

What appears to be temporal, secular and genuine is an illusion that we have created in our time, space and reality. What is actually real is what ever we choose to recreate, because whatever we choose to create in each moment of time becomes our perception of the world and our perspective of reality.

We all have our own exclusive time, our own individual space, and our own unique reality, in which to discover, explore and experience life.