Wanting to alleviate another’s suffering is not compassion, it is either sympathy or guilt.

We are in sympathy with another when we are sharing their suffering.

Those who do not share another’s suffering may suffer from guilt.

Suffering is another word for a negative emotion or the experience of a negative state of being.

As well as guilt, remorse and self blame are also symptoms of those in sympathy with people who are suffering.

We offer our deepest sympathy when we resonate with someone else’s deepest negative emotional state of being.

This is usually the grief suffered at the loss of a loved one.

When we sympathise with another, we focus our attention and their attention on their negative emotional state and thereby prolong and increase their suffering.

By the Law of Attraction, what we focus our thought on, we attract more of.

Sympathy therefore increases suffering and attracts even more suffering.

Wanting to alleviate suffering, just increases suffering and prolongs it.

The greatest act of Compassion is to not give suffering another thought.