Sturgeon's Law

Science Fiction Writer Theodore Sturgeon observed that:

 “Nothing is always absolutely so”.

In the Absolute Singularity of Oneness: Nothing exists, not even nothing.

‘Nothing’ only becomes a reality once ‘everything’ becomes a potential possibility.

In the Realm of Absolute Oneness, all possibilities exist as a potential.

The potential for ‘everything’ to be realised, requires the creation of a World of Relative Dual Reality.

The Realm of Duality allows Choice, and allows the choice of everything, something or nothing to exist apart from the ‘All of Everything’ which is Nothing.

In Absolute Reality ‘everything is nothing’ and ‘nothing is the all of everything’.

In the Realm of Relative Dual Reality, nothing is always absolutely so.

In the Realm of the Absolute, nothing is eternally absolutely so.