We become ‘stuck’ when we stick to our programming.

We become unstuck when we challenge our programmed limiting beliefs.

Our limiting beliefs and emotional needs are responsible for creating the habits, addictions and obsessions that make us stuck in the same physical reality.

Being stuck is being at the fate of our beliefs.

Flowing freely is being at choice in our faith and destiny.

“Stuck in a rut” is continuing to go round and round in the same groove without deviation.

Being “In the groove” means experiencing what our peers expect us to experience, which is our fate.

Belief in a fixed reality keeps us stuck in that fixed reality.

When we change our perspective, we make a shift in consciousness that allows us to expand and grow and unstick our reality.

The lighter our vibration the more we flow energetically and the less we encounter entropy and resistance that will eventually make us grind to a halt and become stuck.