Short Circuit

Life is designed to be an infinite, eternal and continuous journey, to explore, experience, and discover the expansive creation, manifestation, and realisation of the dual reality of physical and spiritual existence. Resistance in Life impedes our effortless flow and short circuits our journey. The force and magnitude of our potential flow is reduced by the frustration, intolerance and anger we encounter that eventually blows our fuse.

Effort is the application of false evidence appearing real. We are driven by the authority of fear, unless powered by love.

In the absence of Love, our life-force stops flowing and we are driven to find an alternative emotional power, as directed by our sub-conscious mental beliefs.

No effort is the inactivity or paralysis created by our current lack of power and authority that renders us stuck and unable to flow effortlessly. The shortest circuit we experience is when our life goes into an uncontrollable spin and the roundabout we are on makes us increasingly confused and unable to see a clear direction ahead.

A drama is created when a fale belief (fear) conflicts with our power (love) and becomes an emotional need. It takes us off track and sends us in an ever decreasing spiral in search of our disconnected power source.

We revolve in ever decreasing circles that get shorter and shorter as our resistance and angst increases until eventually the sparks fly and our fuse blows and our current of effortless life-force is extinguished.

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