Scarcity & Abundance

A scarcity mentality believes that scarcity and abundance are a duality.

An Abundance mentality knows that there is no scarcity when we have absolutely enough.

When scarcity and abundance exist as a duality they are opposing ends of the same duality and one cannot exist without the other.

A scarcity mentality creates a world where there are haves and have-nots, who are either rich or poor and live in luxury or poverty.

A scarcity mentality believes, through the experience that it creates, that resources are limited and there is not enough for everyone in a world where extravagance is waste.

A scarcity mentality believes that those who live in luxurious extravagance do so at the expense of those who live in the misery of poverty, and that charity is the only way to equalise the system.

A scarcity mentality has no distinction between gluttony, extravagance and abundance. All three have more than enough of something or everything.

Gluttony means wanting more than enough. Extravagance is having more than enough. Scarcity and poverty are not having enough.

When we understand and define what is enough, we will be in a state of Abundance. We will be abundantly in that state of being content with having enough of everything we want and need.

Mother Theresa lived in Abundance because she had everything she wanted and needed, even though she lived amongst the scarcity and poverty of India’s lower class poor. She never had more than she wanted or needed, and therefore, the luxury and extravagant gluttony of more than enough were never her experience.

This does not mean that we have to limit what we want or need. Indeed to limit what we want or can have creates the scarcity mentality that wants and needs because it believes that it does not have enough of what is limited.

Abundance is a state of Being without wanting or needing. We only experience an Abundant Life once we have enough of everything we want and need.

Plenty of anything creates Abundance only when it provides us with enough. When plenty of anything is more than enough of what we need or want it becomes a luxurious extravagance and a state of gluttony.

How much we have of anything is irrelevant. It is our perspective with regard to whether it is enough or not that creates scarcity or Abundance.