Righteous & Self-Righteous

Being Righteous is accepting that we all have and create our own reality. It is our ‘Right’ to be the creator of our own world.

Being self-righteous is believing that there is only one reality and therefore only one truth, which is ours.

Believing our self to be righteous is being self-righteous when we believe that all others are sinners and following the wrong path.

Being a sinner is the right of all who are unawakened to their right path.

Becoming ‘without sin’ or Being ‘Divine’ is the choice of all who become awakened to their right path.

Being Righteous is following the path that is right for us and allowing all others to follow the path that is right for them.

Being self-righteous is wanting everyone to follow our path because we believe that it is right for them.

Being Righteous is having Divine Humility, which is the Acceptance of our own path.

Being self-righteous is having the humility of being proud of not being proud, which is called modesty.

We tolerate others whilst being proud or in humility. With Righteousness we accept the Oneness of everything.