We measure the resistance of the flow of an electric current in ohms with a rheostat.

We create a resistor to reduce the electrical force (volts) and power (amps) to give it the potential (watts) to do delicate tasks.

Energy materialises in many different forms but maintains its fundamental aspects.

In Life, our wattage is our potential output or the work that we do. Whether at work, rest or play, we require emotional energy for effortless flow without resistance.

What creates resistance in our Life is called a drama, is measured in angst, and is diagnosed as stress.

Our degree of stress or angst is relative to our emotional need for energy, which is relative to the mental authority of our beliefs.

Our beliefs regulate the authority of the force of our forward momentum in life. False beliefs called fear alter our polarity and motivate us in a negative direction that resists the flow of life and causes stress.

Our emotional need is a measure of our lack of power to motivate us forward. Depression is our low magnitude of power that engenders lack of clarity due to a resistance in our current flow.

We become empowered with a high magnitude of energy, called joy, when following the natural flow of life and fulfilling our own potential.