Relative & Absolute

In Absolute Reality, everything just flows.

In relative dual reality, life ebbs & flows.

Well-Being is flowing without resistance. As Divine Flow has no resistance it is experienced as Well-Being in this relative physical world.

We cannot live in the Absolute World down here in the relative world. We just make relative and absolute a duality.

We can live a Life of relative Well-Being, but not until we have experienced being un-well.

To experience unwellness, illness, disease and disorder, we just have to swim against the tide of Wellness. Most people manage this without difficulty.

To experience Wellness, we are required to swim against the tide of un-wellness by changing our direction of flow consciously.

We have to discern what we want – what makes us well, from what we don’t want – what makes us unwell.

The problem is that Life, like the tide, ebbs and flows because we are in a world of duality.

We therefore have to change our perspective depending on whether life is ebbing or flowing.

Well-Being is the absence of resistance. When we learn to never flow against the tide of life, we will always flow with Life, which is Being Well.

When we overcome the relative duality of ebb and flow, Life will absolutely Flow.