Promotion & Demotion

Promotion and Demotion are the up and down movement within a hierarchy.

We promote something and anything when it is judged to be better than something else.

We promote or market something by showing it in a favourable light that makes it appear better or more appealing.

We promote something by giving it a higher status, more authority, and more esteem.

The act of promotion always involves the demotion of something else.

Promotion and demotion are opposing dualities of the same energy.

We promote at the expense of someone else and we demote to the cost of who we are demoting.

Either way, promoting and demoting creates losers at the expense of one winner.

True Pro-motion or Positive Motion is the Nature of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction ensures everything and everyone moves equally within its Attractive Action.

With no hierarchy, we are all equal, we are all special, we are all favoured, and we are all Attractive.