Present & Presence

The present is the moment in time that we physically exist in.

Our mind can travel into the past and the future but only connects with our emotion in the present.

The mind affects the vibration of our emotion with its judgments of the past and its expectations of the future.

Judgments of the past and expectations of the future limit the flow of well-being that is the pure emotion of our Soul. Spirit is pure emotion without physical and mental limitations.

Well-being is our ability to live in our present reality without limitation and resistance.

The magnitude or the power of our well-being is measured as the amount or quantity of our presence.

Presence is our emotional state of Being Well.

When we radiate presence we express our Wellness.

Present is an adjective that describes the moment in time in which our reality is focused.

We are ‘Present’ when we are fully aware of who we are and the current reality that we are presenting.

Presence is an adjective state of being in our power. When we are presenting our state of Well-being, we radiate our presence.

Presence, well-being and power are our natural state of being and our birth-right.

We are born with presence but as we grow we accumulate limitations and resistance that inhibit our ability to stay present.

Our natural state is to be present in time, present our true reality and radiate our presence in our space.

When we are present, we know our true authority. When we have presence we feel our true power.

With power and authority, we present our true ability.