Power Sharing

Our ability to share our power with another is limited by the love that we have for our self and the love our partner has for their self.

Our partner may have ‘all the love in the world’ to share with us, yet how much we can share with them is limited by how much love we have for our self in this world.

Likewise, our partner may have ‘all the authority in the world’ to share with us i.e. unlimited choice, yet how much we can share their authority and choice is limited by our own authority and the limitations on our authority that stop us choosing.

Power is limited by authority. Authority is not limited by power but by belief.

Authority comes with Faith. When our beliefs are aligned with our Faith, we have authority. When our beliefs conflict with our Faith, we become disempowered.

When we are faithful to the directions of our Soul, we are empowered.

When we believe the directives of the ego and our sub-conscious yearnings and convictions, we become disempowered and driven by our emotional needs.

We cannot share our love in return for our partners authority. Nor can we share our authority in return for our partners love. We cannot share what we do not have.

Giving power or authority in exchange for authority or power is conditional.

Conditional love has no power and conditional choice has no authority.