"Power Nap"

A “Power Nap” is a short sleep that reconnects us to our emotional Power.

When feeling emotionally low on energy, a power-nap recharges our emotional ‘batteries’.

The ‘power’ that we connect to whilst asleep is our Source of Emotional Love at the Heart of our Beingness.

A power-nap replaces our feeling of emotional negativity with a positive emotional feeling that replenishes our power.

When we awake from a power-nap, we see Life from a new and more positive perspective.

When we fail to connect to our energy source whilst asleep, or are woken too early, we will feel drowsy, sluggish, dis-orientated and off-balance.

Our fears, false truths and limiting beliefs will resist our ability to enjoy the benefits of a power-nap.

We only connect to our Power when aligned with our True Authority.