Power & Authority

When we feel positive emotion, we are empowered to choose and we are connected to our authority. With power and authority, we are enabled to choose.

When we feel negative emotion, we are empowered to choose but are without the authority to choose. Our authority is being undermined by a false belief or an emotional need that is offering resistance to our ability to choose.

When we make a shift and change our perspective by challenging a belief or meeting a need, we regain the authority to choose.

When we feel no emotion in either a positive or a negative way, we have the authority but no power. Making this choice will result in much effort being required and we will need an external form of motivation to achieve it. Without our emotional power, we are not empowered with this choice and without third party assistance, we will almost certainly fail to achieve our objective.

Emotion is our guide-line for choice. Positive emotion makes choosing easy. Negative emotion is our guide to what we are required to work on in our self before our choice can be perceived as positive. Negative emotion is the resistance of our ‘shadow’ self that is our creation of a false conviction, belief or programme.

Our emotions offer us a ‘life-line’ towards our destiny. Our belief system gives us the ‘dead-lines’ of our fate.

When we have both the emotional power and the mental authority, learning the physical abilty is effortless and enjoyable.

When either our power or our authority is missing, we will invoke ‘Murphy’s Law’ and what can go wrong, will go wrong and what we don’t want to happen will occur.

From a positive perspective, negative emotion is perceived to be a challenging opportunity for expansive, personal, spiritual growth and development.