Pole  means ‘direction’.

Polarity is the ‘Reality of our Direction’.

As our direction of focus is our choice, we choose our polarity and our reality.

Physical direction is three dimensional:

  • Up & Down (North & South)
  • Left & Right (East & West)
  • Forward & Backward

Emotional direction is either positive or negative.

A positive direction gives us positive emotional energy.

A negative direction gives us an energy drain that we experience as negative emotional energy.

Negative emotional energy is the absence of personal power.

An effortless Life is experiencing the positive polarity of our emotional energy, and is a Joy.

We have the ability to flow effortlessly in Life when we are connected to our power & our authority.

A problematic life is experiencing the energy depression of negative polarity created by the resistance that we have accumulated on our journey.

Our fears, dramas, needs, limiting beliefs, and programmes that are our fate, all create resistance on our path through life.

Stillness is the experience of a neutral polarity that is found when we flow with time, in the gap of space, of our present reality of now.

In the gap, the flow and the now, we enter the zone where polarity ceases to exist.