Pain & Suffering

Pain is a physical sign of ‘weakness’ or ‘dis-ease’ that is an emotional blockage.

An emotional blockage resists the flow of spiritual energy called Well-Being.

When we experience negative emotion and repress it, it connects with our collective store of negative emotional energy and eventually manifests in the physical as pain. Emotional pain will eventually become physical pain as a symptom of illness or disease.

In our rational world, we seek a rational cause of our pain, and of course the universe delivers one, unless we have diagnosed the cause our self, which is the same thing. We consult a doctor usually to confirm the actual arrival of our worst fears.

As the cause of our pain is always emotional then so is the cure.

There are many ways to heal or release an emotional build up of negative ‘stuff’. Laughing, crying, hic-coughing, screaming, chanting, singing, tongues, and orgasm are all ways of releasing pent-up emotion that is causing stress.

Stress is negative emotion that is causing pain but has not yet manifested as a physical ailment.

Psycho-somatic illness is one that doctors cannot diagnose as having a rational cause. No illness has a rational cause although it may appear to be a rational effect. The cause of all illness is emotional and is in our mind because that is where all Wellness resides also.

When we experience pain, we are experiencing the most intense negative emotion and receiving the most intense communication from our Soul.

What pain is telling us is that we have a large emotional build-up of negative energy that needs to be released.

When we release our pain consciously by becoming aware of its true cause, we have no need to continue to suffer.

Pain is inevitable, yet suffering is optional.