Our True Identity

Our True Entity is our Soul.

Our Ability to grow and expand our Power and Authority is the ‘triality’ of the Soul.

The ability of our Soul’s Entity to grow and expand is through the Id of Man.

Id & Entity, Man & Soul, become a duality in order for the Soul to grow and expand spiritually through the personal development of Man. The Soul grows spiritually through Man’s progress in the physical realm.

Soul the Entity and Man the Id when combined in Holy Communion become our True Identity (Id-Entiity).

Our false identity is our character and our personality.

Our character is formed from the false beliefs and convictions of our fate or programming. This forms the role we play and act out in life.

Our personality forms as a result of our emotional needs and how we learn to get them met.

Our character and personality create the dramas that meet our needs according to our beliefs.

Becoming conscious of our beliefs and needs and how our dramas are created is the first step to overcoming our sub-conscious programming.

Becoming aware of our super-conscious power and authority at the core of our being is the next step to knowing our True Identity.

Knowing the world both emotionally and rationally allows us to exclusively connect to our vision and purpose and then with sensitive detachment, we can carry out our mission in life.

Man’s True I.D. (Id) is a duality of our conscious ego combined with our sub-conscious id.

Our Soul’s True Entity is a triality of the soul’s authority, the heart’s power and the ego’s ability.

When we “Love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength”, as Jesus commanded, we find our True Identity.