Our Life Path

Our Life Path is exclusive and unique to each of us individually.

Life Paths may be similar and for a time follow a similar course, but they are never the same.

Our Life Path is the journey that we can ‘see’ for this life-time. It is our mission.

Our Life Path is an expression of who we have chosen to Be in this life-time.

It is our Purpose to define who we are Being, and to give ‘feeling’ to our Beingness.

Our Life Path is the Light that illuminates our Vision for this life-time.

We ‘know’ the path that we are taking, when we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our Life Path is our perspective of Life, based on the reality that we consciously create in our Life.

We are distracted from our path by our limiting beliefs, our emotional needs, and the physical dramas that we get sucked into in life.