Order & Chaos

We create order in our life to avoid our problems becoming chaotic.

We believe that an orderly life is problem free because a chaotic life is full of problems.

Chaos is an accumulation of too many unresolved problems.

Order does not solve problems, it systemises them.

When our life follows the same order, we create the same reality, and only create problems that we know that we can solve.

Order does not avoid problems, it creates solvable problems.

Whether we choose order or chaos, we still encounter problems.

The difference between order and chaos is the number and magnitude of the problems that we are currently faced with.

Effortless flow in life has no order and no chaos. Life just flows without resistance encountering orderly-chaos and chaotic-order.

A problem-free life, without chaos, lies in the direction of our challenges and opportunities, that are beyond the safety, security, and order of our ‘comfort-zone’.