"Nature Abhors a Vacuum"

It is the nature of Man that abhors a vacuum.

The nature of Man is to explore, experience and discover the physical world.

A vacuum is devoid of physical matter. There are no atoms of matter in a vacuum.

Man fears emptiness, nothingness and the void, because Man fears deprivation and boredom.

The Nature of God is a Vacuum.

God created the physical world in which to experience all things that are not Divine.

The Nature of God is ‘Stillness’ & ‘Nothingness’.

Divinity is Infinite without definite form.

A Vacuum is empty of matter yet full of Space.

Space is the Pure Energy of Consciousness from which all matter is created.

Divinity exists within the ‘Gap’ of Space that is a vacuum.

The Nature of a Vacuum is the Pure Energy of Love & Light.

A Vacuum is filled full of the All of Everything that is Spiritual and Divine.