My Truth

Life just is whatever we create it to be.

I follow my path as guided by my Soul and accept whatever turns up.

Life is just effortless, when we follow the authority of our Inner Coach and allow others to follow the authority of their Souls.

We all have choice and we are most at choice when we allow others to make their own choices.

We all have our own choice, when we stop letting others make our choices for us, stop choosing the choices we make for others, and start to make our own choices consciously in awareness of who we really are.

There is enough of everything for everyone.

Even though we have different abilities with which to create, we all have an equal potential for life, once we acknowledge our equability.

We can create an abundance of what we want or an abundance of what we do not want. There is enough of everything in any quantity that we choose.

We can only have too much of something that we no longer want, and we can only have too little of something that we are limiting our self from having.

Love is the way, when we approve the guidance of our Inner Coach, accept the support that we receive from all others and allow our authentic nature to be expressed.

We cannot ever have too much Joy, Contentment, Fulfilment or Love.