My Guide

My Guide and Inner Coach is my Soul.

My Soul guides me with inspiration, revelation and imagination.

My Soul inspires me with emotional power.

My Soul sends me messages of revelation that direct me on my authorised path.

My Soul is the genius of my imagination that is my creative ability.

As my guide, my Soul knows who I am and why I am here.

My Soul and my Self have already chosen my path before I incarnated into this physical world.

The Soul has free will and has given the Self free will.

The Soul cannot tell the Self what choices to make once the Self has incarnated into Life.

To follow the choice of the Soul, which is the Self’s true choice, it is required to learn to see, feel and know the world as its Soul.

Only by becoming the Soul will the Self be able to realise, manifest and create its Destiny with full conscious-awareness of who it is and why it is here.