Mood Swings

Our ‘mood’ is our emotional state of Being.

When in a good mood, we are being emotionally positive and Soul-like.

When in a bad mood, we are being emotionally negative and driven by our ego self.

Our ego is our sense of Self, which is our character and our personality.

When our mood swings to negative, we are acting out our character based on our limiting beliefs, or we are expressing our personality that is pursuing an emotional need.

When our character has no limiting beliefs and our personality is without emotional need, we are expressing the personality and character of our Soul, which is our True Identity.

When our mood is perfectly Divine, we are following the authority of our Soul and we are in our full emotional power.

It is a fear or a false belief that resists our effortless flow and swings our mood from being positive to becoming negative.

As our mood swings, it shifts polarity from a forward direction into reverse and resists our flow because our ‘attitude’ or perspective is without the alignment of our True Vision.