Miracles are occurences that contravene the Laws of Science as we know them to be.

When our world is created from our proven rational beliefs, we exclude the possibility of miracles occuring.

A rational scientific mind believes that everything has a logical reason and therefore excludes the possibility of miracles being a reality.

Our beliefs create our reality. Therefore those who believe in miracles experience them, and those who do not believe, do not experience them.

When we know that all possibilities exist and we comprehend our own creative power and ability, miracles become an everyday event.

Our belief in scientific reason and logic creates our reality according to those rational laws.

A super-natural outlook on Life allows the super-natural to manifest in our Life.

When we know that all possibilities exist and that we create our own reality, then we know that miracles exist as a possibility and a reality.

One Man’s miracle is another Man’s everyday occurence.

Once we believe in miracles, we start to see what a miracle Life Really Is.