Mastering Acceptance

A True Master Accepts what ever turns up in Life knowing that this is their Soul’s Choice.

What ever occurs in Life is a Gift from our Soul.

Acceptance is receiving what turns up in Life as a gift from our Soul.

True Acceptance requires unconditional Foregiveness.

Our Soul’s greatest gift to Itself (Its Self) is the opportunity to expand and grow.

Expansive Growth is the gift of Life.

Accepting that we have a Life Path and accepting that it is our Destiny to Live it, is the first step to Mastering Acceptance.

Without Acceptance our Life Path remains our fate, our doom and our misfortune.

It is not our fortune to follow our Destiny…… It is our Calling.

We cannot follow our Vision by chance, we are required to choose it.

The difference between our destiny and our fate is not one of direction but of perspective.

We Master Acceptance when we choose the Life Path that is our Destiny instead of tolerating the fate that is our doom.

A Master Accepts whatever turns up in Life because he knows that at some level he has created it.

A True Master knows at what level he has created it.